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Updates Withdrawn from the Stable Repository

Within the past 24 hours, 73 updates were accidentally uploaded to the Stable repository (intended for Stable-Proposed). In particular, an update to LDNS (ldns, 1.7.0-3 | 1.7.1) have broken OpenSSH (openssh), OpenSSH-HPN (openssh-hpn), and DNSCrypt Proxy (dnscrypt). To mitigate this issue, please issue the following command:

# apt install ldns=1.7.0-3

We are not aware of any other issue caused by this incident. We will be merging changes from Stable-Proposed on Friday or Tuesday, UTC time. Before then, if you you have applied the mitigation from above, you should not run into other issues.

However, as the updates were withdrawn, some packages installed on your system will now show up with local markers, meaning that a specific version of a package installed on your system is not found on the repository enabled by your configuration. The Stable-Proposed merge in the coming days will result in a wave of updates which will render your system consistent with the repository again. In short, these local markers are temporary and should not affect system functionality.

We apologise for any inconvenience that we may have caused. If you run into other issues after updating your system, please don't hesistate to inform us.

Attachment: List of Packages Affected by the Withdrawal

Package, Version, and Architecture Deferred To
babl 0.1.74-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
brial 1.2.7-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
chromium 80.0.3987.116-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
cimg 2.8.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
clblast 1.5.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
cln 1.3.6-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
exempi 2.5.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
folks 0.13.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
fox 1.7.67-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
fplll 5.3.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gdk-pixbuf 2.38.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
glib-networking 2.62.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gloox 1.0.23-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gnupg 2.2.19-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gnutls 3.6.12-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
goffice 0.10.46-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
google-chrome 80.0.3987.116-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gsasl 1.8.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gsoap 2.8.98-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gssdp 1.2.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
gupnp 1.2.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
http-parser 2.9.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
ibus-hangul 1.5.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
ibus-table 1.9.25-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
krusader 2.7.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
ktorrent 5.1.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
ldns 1.7.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libabw 0.1.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libasr 1.0.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libcap-ng 0.7.10-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libcdr 0.1.6-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libepoxy 1.5.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libfdk-aac 2.0.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libgcrypt-static 1.8.5-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libgee 0.20.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libgovirt 0.3.7-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libgpiod 1.4.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libgusb 0.3.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libjpeg-turbo 2.0.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
liblangtag 0.6.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libmicrohttpd 0.9.70-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libmirage 3.2.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libmtp 1.1.17-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libpcap 1.9.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libphonenumber 8.11.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libpst 0.6.74-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libpwquality 1.4.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libqmi 1.24.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
librsvg 2.46.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libshake 0.3.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libsigrokdecode 0.5.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libsmbios 2.4.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libsolv 0.7.11-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libsoup 2.68.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libtorrent-rasterbar 1.2.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libuv 1.34.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
libvisio 0.1.7-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
linux-kernel-5.5.4 5.5.4-1 (amd64) stable-proposed
mbedtls 2.16.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
mesa 19.3.4-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
mtdev 1.1.6-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
netcdf 4.7.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
ntl 11.4.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
pango 1.44.7-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
protobuf-c 1.3.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
snappy 1.1.8-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
source-highlight 3.1.9-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
talloc 2.3.1-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
tevent 0.10.2-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
tpm2-tss 2.3.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
vte-gtk3 0.58.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
zfs 0.8.3-0 (amd64) stable-proposed
zfs 0.8.3-1 (amd64) stable-proposed

— Mingcong Bai