Instant Messaging

As an Internet-centric community, our members are scattered around the world. Everyday, we aggregate at our chat groups to work, make friends, and more importantly, have fun. Join us and share the fun in computing.

The following Telegram chat groups, Discord servers, Matrix rooms, and IRC channels are all bridged together, so just pick your poison.

Note: Most community members, at the time of writing, are Chinese speakers. Don't fret! Please do speak in the language you speak, though you have a better chance of us understanding and engaging with you if you speak English.

Main Channel

This is our main chat group, where development work, technical support, and relevant news discussions take place.

Retro Channel

This is our Retro interest group, where we talk about retro hardware and software, as well as discussing AOSC OS/Retro development.

Offtopic Channel

This is where things gets crazy, talk about whatever you want here, just make sure you abide by the AOSC Interpersonal Guidelines (Long-Term RFC).

Mailing Lists

Though rarely used in our workflow, you may also get in touch with us via our mailing lists.