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  • AOSA-2016-0034: Update OpenJPEGDECEMBER 9, 2016

    Please update your openjpeg package to version 2.1.2-1.

    Two vulnerabilities in OpenJPEG have just been disclosed:

    • CVE-2016-9580 integer overflow in tiftoimage resulting into heap buffer overflow.
    • CVE-2016-9581 infinite loop in tiftoimage resulting into heap buffer overflow in convert32sC1P1.

    Relevant documentation:

  • Winter Distribution Updates (and Looking Ahead)!DECEMBER 8, 2016

    You might have already noticed by looking at the Downloads page that we have expanded our line-up of releases (again). The winter distribution updates is a major update to our AOSC OS releases, and it packs a lot more than just software updates:

    • Cinnamon and LXDE are added as new variants.
    • SD/eMMC images based on the "Base" variant are now available for ARM devices (Raspberry Pi and Allwinner).
    • Desktop variants (variants with pre-configured desktop environments) are now available for multiple architectures (for instance, XFCE is now available for AMD64, ARMv7, ARMv8 64-bit, PowerPC 32-bit, and PowerPC 64-bit *).
    • All system distributions are now assembled using our new *-base collections (for lack of a good name). They are now built from a minimal system release (a "stub" variant, for our own convenience) every time, instead of being "refreshed" by doing a system update on the old one (a more detailed *-base description/explanation is on the way).

    Also, GTK+ based desktop variants are now released with a brand new look, incorporating the elegance of the Arc GTK+ theme, and the simplicity of the Flat-Remix icon theme. As seen in this screenshot of our new GNOME release below.


    Now, looking ahead, there are several things to do between now and our next distribution update - and some changes to our distribution update schedule: we are currently planning to shift the distribution update to a set, seasonal schedule (with the exception of BuildKit and important security updates) - instead of this random and fire-at-will mess we currently have... More on that in a later news post.

    Also, from the next update on, we will no longer set the default password for root with the default distribution. Enabling root user with a default password is quite a bad idea, as some users may forget to disable or reset the password of the root user, potentially making the system defenseless on a open network.

    But for now, please enjoy (or much rather, please, try our) AOSC OS!

    (*) PowerPC ports are big endian only, and are only tested on PowerPC-based Macintosh computers with G3 or newer processors.

  • Raspberry Pi images available!DECEMBER 7, 2016

    Shortly after the release of Allwinner AOSC OS images, the image for Raspberry Pi 2/3 is now available as well. The image is based on the "Base" variant of AOSC OS releases and they can now be obtained in the respective section in the Download page.

    Note that currently the image is based on ARMv7 (therefore 32-bit) userspace, as the official kernel that Raspberry Pi supplies (BSP) is ARMv6/ARMv7 only. We will be releasing separate images for Raspberry Pi 3 soon, as mainline Kernel support will land for this particular board.

    Before then, do a fast SD card burn/dd...

    # dd if=imagefile of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress

    (Where imagefile is the .img file you would obtain after extracting from the .img.xz you would download, and sdX is the device file of your SD card)

    And enjoy AOSC OS on your Pi!


  • Allwinner images available!DECEMBER 7, 2016

    Our ARM/SunXi guru Icenowy Zheng has just released a big batch of system images for ARMv7-based Allwinner boards and tablets. The images are based on the "Base" variant of AOSC OS releases and they can now be obtained in the respective section in the Download page.


    Icenowy Zheng's Orange Pi One runnning on mainline kernel, and of course, AOSC OS.

    And here below is a full list of devices supported by these images, in case you got lost:


    • Colorfly E708 Q1


    • Cubieboard1
    • Cubieboard2
    • Cubietruck


    • NanoPi NEO


    • Banana Pi
    • Banana Pro


    • pcDuino
    • pcDuino2
    • pcDuino3
    • pcDuino3 Nano


    • A10-OLinXino-LIME
    • A10S-OLinuXino-MICRO
    • A13-OLinuXino
    • A13-OLinXino-MICRO
    • A20-SOM-EV
    • A20-OLinuXino-LIME
    • A20-OLinuXino-LIME2
    • A20-OLinuXino-LIME2-eMMC
    • A20-OLinuXino-MICRO


    • SinA31s
    • SinA33


    • Banana Pi M1+
    • Banana Pi M2
    • Banana Pi M2+


    • Orange Pi 2
    • Orange Pi Lite
    • Orange Pi One
    • Orange Pi PC
    • Orange Pi PC Plus
    • Orange Pi Plus
    • Orange Pi Plus 2E
  • AOSA-2016-0033: Update Apache HTTPDDECEMBER 6, 2016

    Please update your httpd package to version 2.4.23-1.

    A 0-day vulnerability was recently announced by Apache, "Server memory can be exhausted and service denied when HTTP/2 is used". And a CVE was consequently assigned for this vulnerability:


    Relevant documentation:

  • AOSA-2016-0032: Update Chromium and Google Chrome

  • AOSC OS Repository Mirror at USTC is Down

  • AOSA-2016-0031: Update Mozilla software

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