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AOSA-2017-0040: Update to Chromium and Google Chrome

Please update your google-chrome (amd64 only) and chromium packages to version 59.0.3071.86.

A recently released version of Chromium and Google Chrome has addressed a series of security vulnerabilities, assigned with the following CVE IDs:

CVE-2017-5070, CVE-2017-5071, CVE-2017-5072, CVE-2017-5073, CVE-2017-5074, CVE-2017-5075, CVE-2017-5076, CVE-2017-5077, CVE-2017-5078, CVE-2017-5079, CVE-2017-5080, CVE-2017-5081, CVE-2017-5082, CVE-2017-5083, CVE-2017-5085, CVE-2017-5086.

Relevant documentation: