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AOSA-2017-0012: Update Firefox

Please update your firefox package to (at least) version 51.0 - the newest version available from the repository is 51.0.1.

A recently released version of Mozilla Firefox has addressed the following security vulnerabilities:

CVE-2017-5373, CVE-2017-5375, CVE-2017-5376, CVE-2017-5378, CVE-2017-5380, CVE-2017-5383, CVE-2017-5386, CVE-2017-5390, CVE-2017-5396.

Also note that PowerPC 64-bit (Big Endian) is now merged Firefox version with all other ports, you will get a version update to 51.0.1 as well, rather than a new ESR release (45.7.0).

Relevant documentation: