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New package additions: Dec 16th, 2016

Per users' requests, we have added the following packages to our community repository:

  • abbs - Configuration/manifest manager for Autobuild.
  • aosc-os-arm-boot-flasher - AOSC OS boot-related file update(flash)er for ARM architecture (and maybe more).
  • apm - Atom Package Manager.
  • arc-openbox - Arc theme for the Openbox window manager.
  • atool - A script for managing file archives of various types.
  • compton - A compositor for X11.
  • easy-rsa - Simple shell based CA utility.
  • electron - Build cross platform desktop apps with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
  • flat-remix-icon-theme - A pretty simple icon theme for Linux.
  • gost - GO Simple Tunnel.
  • gtk3-tqt-engine - GTK+ 3 engine for TQt.
  • gtk-qt-engine - GTK+ engine for TQt/Qt 3.
  • http-parser - Parser for HTTP Request/Response written in C.
  • lrzsz - xmodem, ymodem and zmodem file transfer protocols.
  • ncbi-vdb - The NCBI VDB.
  • neofetch - A fast, highly customizable system info script.
  • netperf - Network benchmark for multiple types of networks.
  • ngs - NGS Language Bindings.
  • nitrogen - Background browser and setter for X windows.
  • opencryptoki - Implementation of the PKCS#11 (Cryptoki) specification.
  • pysocks - SOCKS4, SOCKS5 or HTTP proxy for Python.
  • quodlibet - Music library manager and player.
  • racer - Rust Code Completion Utility.
  • ranger - A simple, vim-like file manager.
  • rustfmt - Rust Code Formatter.
  • rxvt-unicode - A customizable terminal emulator forked from rxvt.
  • sassc - Command line driver for libsass.
  • skanlite - Image scanning application for KDE.
  • sra-tools - The NCBI SRA (Sequence Read Archive).
  • tde-i18n - Translation and l10n data for Trinity Desktop.
  • tdenetworkmanager - NetworkManager frontend for Trinity Desktop.
  • tpm-tools - Management tools for TPM hardware.
  • virtualenv - A tool to create isolated Python environments.

To learn about how to request new packages for addition into our community repository, please check out our "pakreq" guide. Or simply shout out requests with #pakreq hashtag on our #aosc IRC channel, or on our Telegram group (joining information available on IRC).