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Raspberry Pi images available!

Shortly after the release of Allwinner AOSC OS images, the image for Raspberry Pi 2/3 is now available as well. The image is based on the "Base" variant of AOSC OS releases and they can now be obtained in the respective section in the Download page.

Note that currently the image is based on ARMv7 (therefore 32-bit) userspace, as the official kernel that Raspberry Pi supplies (BSP) is ARMv6/ARMv7 only. We will be releasing separate images for Raspberry Pi 3 soon, as mainline Kernel support will land for this particular board.

Before then, do a fast SD card burn/dd...

# dd if=imagefile of=/dev/sdX bs=4M status=progress

(Where imagefile is the .img file you would obtain after extracting from the .img.xz you would download, and sdX is the device file of your SD card)

And enjoy AOSC OS on your Pi!