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AOSA-2016-0029: Update LibTIFF to 4.0.7

Please update your libtiff package to version 4.0.7.

A new version of LibTIFF was recently announced to fix the following security vulnerabilities:

CVE-2016-9448, CVE-2016-9273, CVE-2014-8127, CVE-2016-3658, CVE-2016-3622, CVE-2016-5875, CVE-2016-3623, CVE-2016-3991, CVE-2016-3945, CVE-2016-5321, CVE-2016-5323.

And the following MSVR (Microsoft Vulnerability Research) indexes:

MSVR 35105, MSVR 35094, MSVR 35095, MSVR 35092, MSVR 35103, MSVR 35100, MSVR 35093, MSVR 35096, MSVR 35097, MSVR 35098.

Relevant documentation: