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New package additions: Oct. 29, 2016

Per users' requests, we have added the following packages to our community repository:

  • httping - Ping with HTTP requests #475.
  • systemc - A set of C++ classes and macros which provide an event-driven simulation interface #478.
  • gifsicle - Create, manipulate, and optimize GIF images and animations #481.
  • giflossy - Lossy GIF compressor #481.
  • pgadmin - Tools for administration of PostgreSQL.
  • zeal - Offline documentation browser.
  • units - Converts between different systems of units.
  • most - A terminal pager similar to 'more' and 'less'.
  • mdbtools - Utilities for viewing data and exporting schema from Microsoft Access database files.
  • txt2man - Converts flat ASCII text to man page format.
  • kdiff3 - A KDE file compare/merge tool.
  • diffuse - Graphical interface for file comparison and merging.
  • deluge - A fully-featured cross-platform ​BitTorrent client.
  • nfs-utils - Support programs for Network File Systems.
  • gssproxy - A gss-proxy protocol to allow proxying of GSSAPI context establishment and channel handling.
  • flashplayer-ppapi - Adobe Flash Player plugin for Pepper API.
  • uim - A multilingual input method framework.
  • pyradio - Command line internet radio player.
  • mp3blaster - An interactive text-based program that plays MP3, Ogg Vorbis, wav, and sid audio files.
  • connman-gtk - GTK+ frontend for Connman.
  • connman-json-client - A ncurses UI for connman.
  • cmst - Qt GUI for Connman with system tray icon.
  • cabal-install - A user interface to the Cabal/Hackage automation and package management system.
  • ofono - A telephony stack for Linux, developed by Intel.

To learn about how to request new packages for addition into our community repository, please check out our "pakreq" guide. Or simply shout out requests with #pakreq hashtag on our #aosc IRC channel, or on our Telegram group (joining information available on IRC).