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AOSC OS Base and BuildKit Tarball Updates

Tarballs for AOSC OS Base (bare-metal variant) and BuildKit (packaging/development variant) are updated yesterday for all supported architectures - you may now obtain them via the "GET AOSC OS" link above.

Significant changes to the tarballs include:

  • AOSC OS Core version of these tarballs have been updated to 4.0.1 (you might also want to check out the release announcement of 4.0.0).
  • ARM64 tarballs for Base and BuildKit are now ready for use, and the "Experimental" notes are removed.

Some changes to the "GET AOSC OS" page were made as well:

  • Finally, we've got screenshot for Base and BuildKit.
  • "MIPS" has been renamed as "MIPS32" to avoid confusion.

aosc-base (Screenshot of AOSC OS Base)

aosc-buildkit (Screenshot of AOSC OS BuildKit)