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AOSA-2016-0005: update Firefox to 49.0

Please update your firefox package to 49.0.

Mozilla has recently released a security advisory suggesting users to update Firefox to 49.0 (attached below).

A complete list of CVEs fixed is listed as follows:

CVE-2016-2827, CVE-2016-5256, CVE-2016-5257, CVE-2016-5270, CVE-2016-5271, CVE-2016-5272, CVE-2016-5273, CVE-2016-5274, CVE-2016-5275, CVE-2016-5276, CVE-2016-5277, CVE-2016-5278, CVE-2016-5279, CVE-2016-5280, CVE-2016-5281, CVE-2016-5282, CVE-2016-5283, CVE-2016-5284.

Relevant documentation: