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Here you will find information about our latest and future community activities. AOSCC (Anthon Open Source Community Conference) for example, is our annual get-together where developers and friends of the community talk about the past and the coming year, and having fun hacking, or... not hacking.

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program. – Linus Torvalds


  • Happy (Early) New Year!DECEMBER 31, 2016

    It's that time of a year again (to look back), and I am very glad to say that 2016 has been a great year for all of us.

    Lots of news and happenings around our projects, and we have got couple of new faces to our community's development effort - most notably, Yi "Everette" Rong, who kickstarted the big endian PowerPC ports for AOSC OS, and to top things off, made an experimental go at AOSC OS on Windows 10 with his WSAOSC (Wa-Sao-sk) installer, check it out here.

    Not to be out done, Icenowy Zheng made an explosive progress on AOSC OS's ARM ports with her aosc-mkrawimg and aosc-os-arm-boot-flasher projects. Dozens of images are released for Allwinner devices and Raspberry Pi, and Kernel updates on these devices got more and more intuitive.

    Progress on our localization effort were looking better than ever, we have continued our effort with Simplified Chinese localization for FOSS projects. GNOME, MATE, Audacious,, etc. have received our continued support in this particular area. Most notably, with joint effort from Arthur Wang, Zixing Liu, and I personally, Wine's zh_CN translation had reached 100% completion for the first time since 1993 - and yes, that's when the project started.

    Looking ahead, 2017 will be equally if not more interesting for AOSC. Development will be resumed on AST's Startup Toolkit with a brand new UI and more universal support for Linux distributions other than AOSC OS; RISC-V will (potentially) see its first commercial hardware debut, and thus a new port for AOSC OS is imminent; ACBS, a replacement for our ABBS will bring better reliability, multi-tree support (forest.conf), and security to our AOSC OS packaging work. And of course, AOSC OS will see more improvement on dependencies, installation support, and user experience.

    Before we get carried away, this has been an awesome year coordinating this community and working with all of you guys. And here to my sincere gratitude, and I wish all of you a happy new year!

    — Mingcong Bai

  • Happy Birthday, AOSC (for the fifth time)!DECEMBER 1, 2016


    Can't believe it's already been half a decade (and I have grown so old from who I was when AOSC has just got started in 2011). But nevertheless, happy birthday, AOSC! And I am so proud of you - not for you being the biggest or the best community, but the most honest and progressive of all communities!

    I remember when I said that we shall bring creativity to China - for China only - and bring technology advancement to high school students... And of course, I also remember that I had once said to all my earliest friends and collegues that we shall leave the community when we finish high school, and let the new generation bring in new ideas and achievements...

    But as here I stand today, the community means so much for me, and for all those contributed along the way to simply leave the community alone (and to be honest, we are still very small, way smaller than we had anticipated... "way back when"). Projects and ideas still piles up from within the community, and our most important project in the community, AOSC OS, have just released its first feature update to the fourth generation Core.

    It is truly incredible when looking back half a decade ago, to see the past, naive selves. The challenges and criticism we faced in the years have only made us a better community, with more and more mature thoughts and methodologies. Back in 2011 when AOSC OS was still a custom release of OpenSUSE made in the SUSE Studio - who would have thought that we could one day become a full-fledged independent Linux Distribution with six (and the 7th coming) architectural ports? And back when we were attacked for being a bunch of crybabies, who would have thought that we could be one of the strongest Chinese Simplified/Traditional localization workforce for great open source projects like GNOME, Wine, and And back when we still were afraid to show our work to others in the field, who would have thought that we could deliver patches, bug reports, and suggestions to upstream projects in great quantities?

    I do realize that we are still largely an unestablished community when compared to virtually anything else, with less than 20 people active for development. But today, in AOSC's birthday, it will only do justice to our beloved community to continue our optimistic moods, and to hang onto our work ethics - to never question what we could achieve, and only to question if we have done the best for our projects.

    Looking ahead, there are still lots of great ideas yet to be implemented, like a more integrated collaboration infrastructure for our developers, and new ports and improvements to our AOSC OS. There will be more challenges ahead, and even questions to our own ways - but fear not, we are known to be a... well, good crowd of people to say the least - to make the possible from unlikelihood. We have always did, and we always will.

    My dear friends and collegues, as the founder of this community, please accept my most sincere gratitude. This community could never have been what it is today without you, nor could I struggle alone.

    — Mingcong Bai

    A big thank you to Tianhao (James) Chai for creating the banner for our 5th anniversary in Minecraft (and on AOSC OS too)!


    And here is a map for this "monument".

  • A Re-cap: Our 3rd AOSCCSEPTEMBER 18, 2016

    So here's a (very) late recap on the 3rd AOSCC (AOSC Conference) held in Shanghai, on July 16-18. Several first's were achieved this year:

    • This is the first time that our annual get-together was sponsored by a University student organization - the Geek Pie Association.
    • We have got more than 35 attendees having fun these three days, a ~40% boost from last year's record (just to see how small of a conference it was).
    • We have (finally) got a successful workshop session on the third day.

    Several community matters were determined for the coming year:

    • AOSCC 2017 will be held in the summer in Guangzhou, China.
    • The next Core release, Core 4 series, will be codenamed "Duang-Duang".
    • A PowerPC and PowerPC64 (PPC64) port will be available as part of the Core 4 update.
    • A default wallpaper is chosen for AOSC OS, it will be presented in a later news post.

    Photographs and blog posts

    Friends of our community have kindly taken some nice photographs during AOSCC, and they are listed below:

    See you next year?

    More details about AOSCC 2017 will be posted later this year, and hopefully we will see you again in Guangzhou (good luck staying cool in the summer)!