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OpenSSL 3 Update Now Available

After almost two months of rebuilding, tweaking, and updating, the OpenSSL 3 runtime update is now available in the stable repository. This update replaces the OpenSSL 1.1 runtime, which had lost upstream support.

Should you run into problems during the update, please file an issue or get in touch via our community chat groups. To ensure compatibility with some older software packages, we will continue to ship an OpenSSL 1.1 compatibility runtime package (openssl-1.1). However, considering the potential security risks, we recommend that you update such software packages or get in touch with the distributors regarding OpenSSL 3 compatibility.

Note: This wave of update is fairly large in volume, the system update may take a bit longer than usual. Moreover, considering that OpenSSL is a basic system runtime, should an accident occur during the update, it may render your system unusable. We therefore recommend that you plug in your laptops or other battery-powered devices to an AC power source and ensure steady power supply to avoid accidents.

— Mingcong Bai