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Migrating #aosc to Libera Chat, and IRC Cloaks

IRC channels under the AOSC project namespace (#aosc and #aosc-offtopic) are now migrated to Libera Chat. We will no longer maintain a presence on freenode due to a hostile takeover by its corporate owner. If you have been participating in community chats using Telegram or Discord, your experience will not be affected. Messages from these two platforms will continue to be bridged to the new Libera channels.

Going forward, we will begin taking requests for IRC cloaks on Libera and requests for freenode cloaks will no longer be processed. Depending your affiliation with the community, these cloak formats will be available:

  • aosc/dev/<username> - for contributors to AOSC that have an @aosc.io account.
  • aosc/user/<username> - for all other community members.
  • aosc/bot/<username> - for message bridging bots and other bots in service of our IRC channels.

To request a cloak, email [email protected] with your desired cloak and your ChanServ username on Libera. If you have an @aosc.io account, please use that email address when writing.

— H.X.