We are AOSC

We are AOSC - a community of developers who contributes to AOSC and the open source world with our love for open source software.

Since the establishment of Anthon.Dev in late 2011, a great team of developers have joined us as community contributors. This page is dedicated to their recognition and made available to them as their personal pages.

artoria2e5 avatar

Mingye Wang (artoria2e5)

Magical catgirl without a focus.

BC204 avatar

Jue Wang (BC204)


bobby285271 avatar

Bobby Rong (bobby285271)

Press Ctrl + W before continuing.

CalciteW avatar

Mingyang Zhang (CalciteW)


camberloid avatar

Xuanning "Camber" Huang (camberloid)

Yet another non-CS year 3 student, FOSS and video game lover.

chenx97 avatar

Henry Chen (chenx97)

If you can package something slowly, you can package it quickly.

CoelacanthusHex avatar

Celeste Liu (CoelacanthusHex)

FOSS Lover; May world peace forever!

colin4124 avatar

Rongwei Lin (colin4124)

Fight for freedom of software.Just for fun!

cyanoxygen avatar

Xinhui Yang (cyanoxygen)

I will package myself in some day.

diredocks avatar

Xi Chen (diredocks)

I deleted system32 then installed linux 0.o

eatradish avatar

宇宙眼鏡人 (eatradish)


ekd123 avatar

Ma Kai (ekd123)

One of the daily AOSC OS users

fearyncess avatar

Lain Yang (fearyncess)

A TEIWAZ Reyvateil works in IoT engineering.

felixonmars avatar

Felix Yan (felixonmars)

Now no one knows if it is a cat or a fox.

flygoat avatar

Jiaxun Yang (flygoat)

Just a chinese junior 3 student

HouLiXieBuRou avatar

Runhua He (HouLiXieBuRou)


jiegec avatar

Jiajie Chen (jiegec)

PhD student at Tsinghua University

LER0ever avatar

Everette Rong (LER0ever)

Faithful Listener | Cool-headed Geek | Mind Swimmer | Ever-Loner | THE Software Magician

late-in-autumn avatar

Sijie Bu (late-in-autumn)

Self-claimed art student. No availability guarantee.

jyhi avatar

Junde Yhi (jyhi)

Just for fun.

LWanTao avatar

Wantao Liu (LWanTao)

Sidere mens eadem mutato.

megabits avatar

Jinyu Meng (megabits)

A Goldfish / Indie Developer / UI UX Design / Living in Japan

mingcongbai avatar

Mingcong Bai (mingcongbai)

Heck, what have I started?

NeoChen1024 avatar

Kelei Chen (NeoChen1024)

Self-proclaimed computer historian and amateur radio enthusiast, creator (founder) of NeoNetwork.

neruthes avatar

Neruthes (neruthes)

CB0A BC77 5644 0D12 915E 3F25 AFB3 373F 5200 DF38

netarmy avatar


An experimental animal who aspires to think, to work, and to create value.

Nexus01 avatar


To be continued

nyovelt avatar

Canarypwn (nyovelt)


OriginCode avatar

Kaiyang Wu (OriginCode)

A piece of code from unknown origin.

prcups avatar

SignKirigami (prcups)


redl0tus avatar

KayMW (redl0tus)

A salted fish.

sophgn avatar

ZjeuhPiung Liu (sophgn)

A finance undergraduate who knows little about programming.

stephdc avatar

Staph. aureus (stephdc)

The programming Prokayotes in Anthon Optical Storage Center

sztsian avatar

Ziqian SUN (sztsian)

Can I break your software?

WhiredPlanck avatar

WhiredPlanck (WhiredPlanck)

Linux User / Chinese Translator / Noob Programmer

xiangzhai avatar

Leslie Zhai (xiangzhai)

The father of little Ray.

YisuiDenghua avatar

Milena Yisui (YisuiDenghua)


xunpod avatar

温柔 (xunpod)