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[SOLVED] Recent kmod 31 Update May Prevent System from Booting

We have since issued kernel updates to address this issue. You may now update your system as usual. If you have held kmod's package version, please use the following command to unhold:

sudo oma mark unhold kmod

Thank you for your patience and our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

The modprobe utility in recently updated kmod 31 uses a potentially broken module loading code path in the kernel, and may prevent xz-compressed modules from loading. As AOSC OS currently ships all kernel modules xz-compressed, modules will fail to load during early boot in initrd stage and in most cases prevent the system from booting:

decompression failed with status 6
systemd[1]: Failed to start systemd-module-load.service.
dracut: FATAL: iscsiroot requested but kernel/initrd does not support iscsi

If you have updated your system, please downgrade kmod to 30-1 immediately:

sudo oma install kmod:30-1

If you have not yet updated your system, please refrain from updating or hold your kmod version to 30-1:

sudo oma mark hold kmod

We will identify the root cause of this problem and issue an update as soon as possible.

— Cyan