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AOSCC 2023 @ ShanghaiTech University: July 15 - 16th!

AOSCC 2023 is coming up in less than two weeks. This year's AOSCC boasts a featureful two-day schedule, with community project showcases, discussions, and polls. Representatives from the FOSS industry will also join us to share their stories and answer your questions.

See: AOSCC 2023 Agenda.

Call for Questions: "Of Loongson and You: Ask Us Anything"

The recently released Loongson 5000-series chips based on the LoongArch architecture demonstrated tangible performance gains and therefore attention from the open source communities. At the same time, however, the contestations and collaborations between the LoongArch community and the first-party became a focal point. For this year's AOSCC, we have the fortune to have invited both community contributors and employees from Loongson Technology to answer your questions.

In observation of the time period alloted to this session, please submit your questions to this questionnaire before this Sunday (July 9th).

Lodging Guide

We have announced a lodging guide on our Wiki site, for your reference.

Attendee Registration

As requested by the ShanghaiTech University, we will need to collect your personal information prior to your entry. If you would like to attend AOSCC in-person, please fill in the attendee registration form before July 13th.

Note: Responses of this form is to be accessed only by AOSC representative (Mingcong Bai) and ShanghaiTech's GeekPie representative (Feiran Qin), and submitted to the university authorities.

— Mingcong Bai