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[SOLVED] GDM Not Working on GNOME 40

The GNOME 40 update is now available for testing via the gnome-40 topic. You may enable this topic in ATM to receive the updates. However, GDM would fail to start due to incorrect PAM authentication configuration. You may use LightDM or SDDM for now as an workaround, and start GNOME 40 via the "GNOME" / "GNOME on Xorg" session.

We will release a fix for GDM soon to address this issue.

2021-04-07 Update

The following updates are now available to address the issue above:

gnome-40-main amd64
^ [gdm](https://packages.aosc.io/packages/gdm) 40~rc ⇒ 40.0
^ [gdm-dbg](https://packages.aosc.io/packages/gdm-dbg) 40~rc ⇒ 40.0

— Jack Wu (Original Author: Mingcong Bai)