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New Loongson Development Board

This month we received a sponsored Loongson Pi Gen 2 development board from Windows1089, who is an active member of the Loongson community. In addition to the board, an extra set of peripheral equipments, including a case, three extra NVMe SSDs, and a USB EJTAG debugger, are offered for the ease of future debugging on the platform. Thank you!

The Loongson Pi Gen 2 development board is equipped with a Loongson 2K-1000 processor and 2GiB of RAM. The processor is MIPS64r2 compatible, although with several errata. Due to the limited RAM size and cooling condition, the development board will be mainly used for testing, but since we own the board, you may expect an out-of-box experience when we restart our MIPS port!

— Junde Yhi