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AOSCC 2017 Now Up for Sign Up!

After several months of hard work by our community members, we have finally settled on a venue and a date for this year's AOSCC, so...

Welcome to our 4th annual community gathering in Guangzhou, from July 14th to 16th!

AOSCC 2017's venue is generously sponsored by the Guangdong University of Technology on their campus location at the H.E.M.C. (Higher Education Mega Center; 大学城). The gathering will take place in Experiment Building 4, Room 304(实验四号楼 304 实验室), here are some maps to the location...

  • Google Maps
  • Gaode Maps

While we are still preparing for other documentations and details for the event, here's the information we are able to produce so far...

Already made up your mind? Just sign up here! There's no need to provide your full name (though recommended) - it is required for all participants to sign up here so we could keep track on the amount of people coming, as this could be limited due to our venue.

We could say at present that we could hold 50 at our venue, but this could go up if it ended up going above this amount.

Again, please sign up here.