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AOSA-2017-0010: Update WebKit2GTK+

Please update your webkit2gtk package to version 2.14.3.

The WebKitGTK+ project has recently announced their first batch of security advisory for the year 2017, listing the following security vulnerabilities fixed with their newly released version of WebKit2GTK+ libraries:

CVE-2016-4692, CVE-2016-4743, CVE-2016-7586, CVE-2016-7587, CVE-2016-7589, CVE-2016-7592, CVE-2016-7598, CVE-2016-7599, CVE-2016-7610, CVE-2016-7611, CVE-2016-7623, CVE-2016-7632, CVE-2016-7635, CVE-2016-7639, CVE-2016-7640, CVE-2016-7641, CVE-2016-7642, CVE-2016-7645, CVE-2016-7646, CVE-2016-7648, CVE-2016-7649, CVE-2016-7652, CVE-2016-7654, CVE-2016-7656.

Relevant documentation: