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Core 4.1 is here!


Core 4.1 was released just now as a major feature update to the Core 4.0 series. Core 4.1 contains:

  • Fixes to issues discovered since the release of Core 4.0.1 (last release in the 4.0 series).
  • Features updates/additions to Core.
  • Performance improvements.
  • Security fixes.

And most notably, GCC now comes with Go language support, and now you may switch between the Google and the GNU implementation. Many changes were also put into a new Glibc update, like the Unicode 9.0 update. Also, we have disabled any non-Unicode locale by default to save some time and disk space when updating Glibc (you can still enable them by editing /etc/locale.gen).

Some details were changed in the AOSC OS base definition package (aosc-aaa) as well, /etc/os-release now includes a new field for BUILD_ID, as exposed in GNOME as follows:


A full changelog for Core 4.1 is available here.

Note: This version of Core contains security update for Glibc, for AOSA-2016-0030, therefore it it strongly suggested for you to update if you are using ARMv7 (armel) port of AOSC OS!