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GNOME 3.22 Now Available

GNOME 3.22, released on September 21st, is now available in our community repository. This is a major update to GNOME 3.20 released earlier this year.


"GNOME 3.22 was released today, marking the culmination of 6 months work by the GNOME community. The new release introduces major new features as well as many smaller enhancements and fixes."

GNOME.org, on September 21st.

Major changes are made to Nautilus, GNOME Builder, and many more GNOME applications and libraries:

  • GNOME File (Nautilus) now allows multiple files to be renamed at once, and it is now capable of handling compressed/archive files without the aid from File Roller;
  • NickServ integration is added to GNOME's IRC client - Polari;
  • It is now (very) easy to create Flatpak packages with GNOME Builder, the IDE of the GNOME desktop;


There are many more changes made under the hood, to the GLib libraries and the GTK+ foundation - we are not going to discuss the specifics, please refer to the original announcement (attached below) for more information.

Another minor change is made to the GNOME Display Manager (gdm, the "login screen"), which now comes with AOSC OS's logo attached at the bottom.


Before I spoil much more than this, GNOME 3.22 is already available in the community repository.


Relevant documentation: