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Cautions and Considerations Regarding the Upcoming Elvish 0.18.0 Update

An upcoming Elvish update from 0.14.1 to 0.18.0 may contain program behavior changes. If you are currently using Elvish, you may encounter problems caused by these behavior and feature changes after the update.

Please consider consulting the Elvish release notes 1 for changes contained in the update. Should you encounter any problem after the update, you may find corresponding sample issues and solutions in the "Breaking changes" and "Deprecated features" sections, found in the release notes 1.

We have uploaded the aforementioned update to the go-1.18-survey-20220401 topic repository. You may test the update by enabling the topic using atm. Should you encounter any issue or have other related questions/comments, please report an issue or get in touch with us via our IRC or Telegram channels.

— Xuanning "Camber" Huang, Mingcong Bai

  1. Release notes ↩︎ ↩︎