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OSPP 2020 Re-cap

Since our community's founding, we have maintained close connections with students, their organisations, and educational institutions (and indeed, we still maintain a high "student ratio" among our community contributors). As a community that came from student-centric origins, we pride ourselves in providing outreach to students and help them in the first steps toward open source contributions and upstream involvements.

Did you know? "Anthon" in Anthon Open Source Community is a transliteration of our community's Chinese name "安同" (An Tong). The phrase "安同" is actually an abbreviation for "安于同学合作", meaning "to seek collaboration like classmates."

OSPP 2020

For the past few months, several of our community contributors took part in the OSPP (Open Source Promotion Plan) 2020, assembled by the Institute of Software of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, as community mentors. Between June 2020, our community mentors led three student projects aiming to improve community projects and open source software in general.

While two of the student projects did not come to fruition, our mentorship project on software localisation was completed successfully. Weiyi Xu, a second year computer science major from the Tianjin University. With four months of hard work and guidance from two mentors (Zixing Liu and I), Weiyi completed from scratch a zh_CN localisation for the NetSurf Browser, and raised GNOME 3.38's zh_CN localisation rate from ~88% to ~100%, the highest since GNOME 3.

Weiyi, We would like to extend our congratulations and utmost gratitude for your successful contribution to open source localisation.

At the Open Source Software Supply Chain Summit 2020

As a participating community, we were invited to attend the Open Source Software Supply Chain Summit 2020, the after-party (if you will) of OSPP 2020.

aosc-stall Our stall at the OSSSCS 2020.

Icenowy Zheng attended the Summit as our community representative, and tended a stall there. At OSSSCS 2020, we were given an opportunity to showcase our community among the top names in the open source software ecosystem.

For more photos from the event, please checkout our community gallery.

— Mingcong Bai