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Meet An-An, Our Community Mascot!

An-An was born a rabbit, but found herself a girl with bunny ears and tails when she woke up one day. She couldn't seem to remember why.


Meet An-An (安安), our official community mascot! An-An's design is a gift from Tyson Tan, creator of iconic mascots like Krita's Kiki, and Konqi since Plasma 5. We would like to extend our utmost gratitude to Tyson for his generosity and dedication.

Our quest to create a community mascot that captures the spirits and characters of our community started almost two years ago with the AOSC Moe project. Friends of our community gathered on numerous occasions to create a set of traits that we would like to find in our mascot. Since September, Zixing Liu, along with numerous community contributors had countless conversations with Tyson Tan in shaping up An-An's design. Years of imagination and months of hard work have finally come to fruition today.

Just earlier today, community members gathered to brainstorm a character story. This story personifies our community's history, its culture, and its values. An-An's lovable and amiable character should serve us well in our community's future outreaching efforts.

Let's say Hi to An-An at her dedicated mascot page!

— Mingcong Bai