FEBRUARY 6, 2017

Most good programmers do programming not because they expect to get paid or get adulation by the public, but because it is fun to program. – Linus Torvalds

Per users’ requests, we have added the following packages to our community repository:

  • ariamaestosa - Midi sequencer/editor with a user-friendly interface.
  • avidemux - A simple free video editor.
  • binutils+cross-bm-rv32i - Binutils for RISC-V rv32i subset bare metal build.
  • dgsh - A Unix-style shell (based on bash) allowing the specification of pipelines with non-linear non-uniform operations.
  • dssi - API for audio processing plugins & softsynths with UIs.
  • dssi-vst - DSSI adapter for win32 VST plug-ins.
  • dunst - Customizable and lightweight notification-daemon.
  • elixir - A dynamic, functional meta-programming aware language.
  • epub2txt - Utility to extract and format text from EPUB documents.
  • etl - C++ STL complementory multiplatform template library.
  • fisherman - A plugin manager for the Fish shell.
  • flite - A lighweight speech synthesis engine.
  • gcc+cross-bm-rv32i - GCC for bare metal RISC-V rv32i build.
  • gnome-web-photo - Generate full-size image files and thumbnails from HTML files and web pages.
  • goocanvas-1 - A cairo canvas widget for GTK+ (version 1).
  • grumpy - A Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime.
  • kirigami2 - A QtQuick-based component set (version 2).
  • lincity-ng - A city simulation game.
  • mapcrafter - High performance minecraft map renderer.
  • newlib+cross-bm-rv32i - newlib for RISC-V bare metal rv32i build.
  • perl-file-copy-recursive - Perl extension for recursively copying files and directories.
  • perl-gnome2 - Perl binding for GNOME 2.
  • perl-gnome2-canvas - Perl binding for libgnomecanvas.
  • perl-gnome2-vfs - Perl binding for GNOME VFS.
  • perl-gnome2-wnck - Perl binding for Window Navigator Construction Kit (GNOME 2).
  • perl-goo-canvas - Perl binding for GooCanvas version 1.
  • perl-gtk2-appindicator - Perl extension for libappindicator.
  • perl-gtk2-imageview - Perl bindings to the GtkImageView image viewer widget.
  • perl-gtk2-unique - Perl binding for libunique.
  • perl-html-form - Class that represents an HTML form element.
  • perl-http-response-encoding - Adds encoding to HTTP::Response.
  • perl-http-server-simple - Lightweight HTTP server for Perl.
  • perl-proc-processtable - Provides a consistent interface to process table information.
  • perl-proc-simple - Launch and control background processes.
  • perl-sort-naturally - Sort lexically, but sort numeral parts numerically.
  • perl-www-mechanize - Automates web page form & link interaction.
  • perl-x11-protocol - Raw interface to X Window System servers.
  • perl-x11-protocol-other - Extra extesions for perl-x11-protocol
  • pngcrush - An optimizer for PNG files.
  • qtvirtualkeyboard - Qt virtual keyboard framework.
  • rosegarden - A music composition and editing environment.
  • schedtool - Query or alter a process’ scheduling policy.
  • sdl-gfx - SDL Graphic Primitives.
  • shutter - A feature-rich screenshot tool.
  • synfig - Professional vector animation program (tools only).
  • typescript - A superset of JavaScript that compiles to clean JavaScript output.
  • zstd - Fast real-time compression algorithm.

To learn about how to request new packages for addition into our community repository, please check out our “pakreq” guide. Or simply shout out requests with #pakreq hashtag on our #aosc IRC channel, or on our Telegram group (joining information available on IRC).