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AOSCC 2018

It's been nearly three months without any posting on the Portal - these have certainly been three busy months for us. Our community is still alive - just check out our GitHub Organisation... A more detailed "what's-up" post will be made on a later date.

But anyways, let's get to the subject.

AOSCC 2018, An Online Gathering

Unfortunately, AOSCC 2018 will not be held in Wuhan as promised from our last AOSCC Re-cap due to some reasons out of our hands - and for this particular reason, we were unable to obtain any viable venues for our annual gathering/conference. Therefore, we will be doing this online instead - (hopefully) same discussions, same community-wide polls, and same fun.

AOSCC 2018 will take place on an open Telegram Group, which is synchronised with an IRC channel (which we will have to make another post about, since we are not yet ready with that). While another Telegram Group will be made available to attendees to cast their votes.

As most participants and contributors to AOSC projects are Chinese speakers, we will limit our discussion languages to Chinese Simplified and Chinese Traditional - while English could certainly be viable, it may still hinder your ability to participate in our discussions, as we would have to switch back and forth between languages.

The 2018 online gathering and conferences will take place across two weekends, the weekend of July 21st, and the weekend of July 28th. A detailed schedule could be found on the event read-me file linked below - though be advised that all discussion sessions are organised according to the China Standard Time (UTC+8) considering the geographic distribution of community members, so do convert and plan ahead of time if you do not reside in this particular timezone.

For more details about the organisation, scheduling, and rules of the gathering and conferences, please take a read at our AOSCC 2018 README. We look forward to see you this weekend!

AOSC OS Core 6 Codename, and 2018 - 2019 Wallpapers

As per tradition, we will be voting community-wide on a (meme-worthy) codename for the next AOSC OS Core release series, and also for a default wallpaper for the AOSC OS releases of the coming year. Here's how you could participate...


This year's AOSC OS Core codename will be named after a word or two-word phrase headed by the letter "F" (as natural succession to Core 3's "Cyanflame", Core 4's "Duang-Duang", and the current Core 5's "eMMC"). With additonal constraints...

  • Do not include any politically-charged keyword(s), topic(s), or opinion(s).
  • Do not include any profanity.
  • Do not nominate "F", a single letter.
  • Do not include words or phrases that are copyrighted and disallowed to be used even on a non-commercial basis.

While we do not necessarily block nominations, any codename submitted that violates any of the four rules above will be invalidated - and of course, you will be notified. You are free to nominate more than one codename.

Otherwise, please submit your codename nomination by July 21st (UTC) at [email protected].


Next year's (from this July to the next) AOSC OS system releases/distributions will apply a new set of wallpapers, and one that will be used as the default for all releases. If you would like to submit and compete for the "default" status...

  • Your submission must be your original creation and licensed accordingly to allow for redistribution with the system releases.
  • Your submission must be in nature of computer-aided design but not of original and non-stylised photography.
  • Your submission must not include any reference to politically-charged keyword(s), icons(s), or opinion(s).
  • You must not submit more than one design - though it could be a collection of variants of the same design, which will be treated as a collection.

If you would like to submit your work to be a part of the default wallpapers collection...

  • Your submission(s) must be your original creation and licensed accordingly to allow for redistribution with the system releases.
  • Your submission(s) must not include any reference to politically-charged keyword(s), icons(s), or opinion(s).

Any submission that violates any of the rules above will be invalidated, and you will be notified of this incident, along with our evaluation.

Otherwise, please submit your wallpaper(s) by July 28th (UTC) at [email protected].


If you have any questions or concerns, please file an issue at our AOSCC GitHub repository.

— Mingcong Bai