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Update on Repository Downtime

At this point (well beyond 12 hours), we are sorry to announce we are yet to be able to have our repository server up for service. Our host over at Taiwan is still having issue from within OSSPlanet's datacenter...

Here are two updates we received from our partner Matthew Lien...

At 5:23 UTC, August 19th.

All public networks working now.

Two PSU[s] on SAN (Storage Area Network) Switch failed at once.
The chance is lower than winning the lottery, but it really happened.

Trying to fix it.

At 14:53 UTC, August 19th.

Our DC staffs are trying to recover VM [Virtual Machine] infra.
Sorry for the unexpected inconvenience...

Therefore, please keep watching out for updates in the coming day. We do as well apologise for any inconvenience with this unfortunate repository downtime.