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New Server Host!

Thanks to SB Blog (烧饼博客), our community website and some of our infrastructures are now migrated to a new server with greater bandwidth and application performance.

As you might have noticed before, our website struggled to load all of the elements or even to stay up - not an ideal experience considering all the time spent on the loading state. This was an issue mainly related to prior Internet connectivity constraints found in certain areas of the world (for the sake of politics-free creed of our community, we won't get into details here - the removal of our ICP registration information from the footer should be a good hint), and thus we relied heavily on reverse proxy on servers scattered across multiple countries.

With that said, we are grateful of Qingcloud's continued support for our community network infrastructure - even though our websites have moved away from their servers, some of our behind-the-scenes services - our community relay for BuildBots (our "nickname" for build hosts, if you will) for example.

Please do report any connectivity or rendering issues you have encountered to our community channel at #aosc, and enjoy your stay!