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It's Happening...!

AOSCC 2017 (the 4th intallment) will kick off tomorrow at 10 A.M. UTC+8 in Guangzhou! Please do not hesitate to join us at this three-day gathering (with over 50 sign-ups so far!) where we discuss, share, and have fun. If you haven't signed up yet, it's not too late, the signup will not close until the end of Day 3 - if you could still make it!

Please sign up here. Again, no need to provide your real name here, we are using this form purely for statistics purposes.

For those who are coming tomorrow, please make sure that you enter from the North-East Gate at Guangdong University of Technology at H.E.M.C. Maps to the gate could be found below, there will be people from the Electronic Engineering Club and AOSC leading the way tomorrow!