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AOSCC 2017 Schedule, Sponsors, and Count Down!

This year's AOSCC is imminent. In about three day's time (July 14th to 16th), community developers and friends will gather in Guangzhou to discuss the past year and plan for the next. This will be followed by free talks in which community members shares their experience with working for F/OSS projects and skills with using them.

We are happy to announce that our AOSCC schedule is now final! As usual, AOSCC 2017 will be a three-day event...

  • Day 1: Community project and progression reports, planning, polls.
  • Day 2: Project and progression report, and free talks.
  • Day 3: Community project workshops.

For detailed schedules in multiple languages, please check out the links below...

Please do stay the whole way though, as we will be voting for the meet-up location next year, codename for AOSC OS Core 5; not to mention lucky dips on Day 1 and Day 2, thanks to our sponsors (listed below).

What would happen on Day 3 then, you might be wondering? The last day of AOSCC will be a day of workshop, here's a list of topics/activities we have planned, everyone's free to join us to learn and practice some new skills!

  • Integration of Ciel into AOSC OS development workflow (Lion Yang).
  • Introduction to AOSC OS packaging (Mingcong Bai).
  • Working with ARM devices, mainlining and more (Icenowy Zheng).

AOSCC 2017 will not be possible without the generous sponsorship of our friends...

Again, a big thank you for your help!