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Updates to Our Community Infrastructure!

With the hard work of our community infrastructure contributors, there are now two more services available for our community members:

  • AOSC OS Packages: A catalog of packages available for AOSC OS.
  • Mailing Lists: Community mailing lists for discussions, advisories, and announcements.

AOSC OS Packages

Thanks to Dingyuan Wang (gumblex) for creating this website.

It should not take much explanation for our Packages site - as mentioned above, it is a catalog of AOSC OS packages - and you could now search for a particular package available to AOSC OS (or to find out if it's available yet), check on update status, and compare versions of a given package available to all our AOSC OS ports.

Dingyuan Wang also mentioned that there will be a function where AOSC OS users could file package requests on the same website, making it easier for users and developers to check on request status.

Mailing Lists

Thanks to Sijie Bu (butangmucat) for making this service available.

Currently there are four mailing lists available, each dedicated to different functions...

  • [email protected]: for community events and project-related announcements; broadcast only, read-only to subscribers.
  • [email protected]: for development discussions, questions, and suggestions; open to users and developers, subscription required.
  • [email protected]: announcements on maintenance and status of our mirrors; broadcast only, read-only to subscribers.
  • [email protected]: bulletin for security updates, CVEs, etc; broadcast only, read-only to subscribers.

If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions to our community services and infrastructure, please pop a mail to our discussions mailing list