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Trinity Desktop Environment Now Available!

A sensible throwback

Trinity Desktop Environment R14.0.4 was released just earlier this month with support for building with GCC 6 and GStreamer 1.0 - I thought it's about time to bring this classical beast in.

What is TDE then?

Trinity Desktop Environment is a continued effort to continue the maintenance of KDE 3.5.10.

Along the way (since 2010), support for "modern" system features like PulseAudio, HAL-less hardware detection were added to this ancient desktop environment, making it largely usable on even a newer system foundation like AOSC OS.

Here below are some screenshots taken from my PowerMac G5 (PowerPC64) running TDE - which I happen to use everyday now, since the last weekend.


First greetings from Trinity.


A different flavoured panel with Kickoff launcher - more famous on KDE Plasma 4 desktop.


Get the productivity going!


Install Trinity Desktop Environment is relatively easy, installing the tdebase package should get you going with a minimal TDE installation.

A meta-package will be created soon for easier installation.


— Mingcong Bai