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MATE 1.16.0 Packages Rebuilt

With the GNOME 3.22 update yesterday, you may experience the following issues with MATE Desktop:

  • When dragging icons on the desktop, the icon remains in the same location, while another "shadow" is moved to its new location.
  • It is not possible to change wallpapers without killing the caja process or re-login.

This is due to a design in MATE 1.16.0's code (in mate-desktop and caja) that default behavior on the desktop is chosen at build time - depending on the GTK+ version available in the build environment.

So I have just rebuilt all MATE packages against the newest GTK+ 3.22 libraries - and re-versioned all MATE packages to 1.16.0-1 - the problems listed above should be resolved with this set of updates.

— Mingcong (Jeff) Bai