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Autobuild3 Documentation Updated for Core 4.0+

The "AOSC Cadet Training" - a handbook for new AOSC OS packagers - has been updated by Mingcong Bai with information about new configuration options, changes, and syntactic sugar (and of course, those deprecated with the update), here below is a quick re-cap of what's changed:

  • autobuild/defines has received some new configuration options:
    • AB_FLAGS_O3 for switching between -O2 and -O3 optimization level;
    • AB_FLAGS_SPECS for toggling the use of compiler/linker hardening specs on/off;
    • LTO is now enabled by default on amd64/x86_64;
  • autobuild/pax specifies post-installation operations to mark executables/libraries/directories for PaX/Grsecurity compatibility;
  • Autobuild3 now processes architecture-aware patches contained in autobuild/patches/ with architectural suffixes;
  • The old perl_local Autobuild3 filter is now renamed as perl, which additionally purges all .packlist files in the packaging root;

For more detailed information, get yourself ready for the updated "AOSC Cadet Training"!

For those who had finished reading this handbook, here below are the pages changed with this update: