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AOSC OS's Default Wallpapers

With a vote during AOSCC 2016, we have chosen the wallpaper design from Yitong He, or axionl as the default wallpaper of AOSC OS with Core 4. This set of default wallpapers come in two times two equals... four variants:





Yes, we got it, some people are just not a big fan of texts all around their desktop background, so a "plain" variant with absolutely no text on them:

"Day", with no text


"Night", with no text


Dynamic wallpaper

If you happen to be using GNOME, MATE, or Cinnamon as your desktop environment, you will get the extra "dynamic" feature of this wallpaper set:

  • During day time (7:00 to 19:00), the "Day" variant is shown.
  • During night time (19:00 to 7:00 the following day), the "Night" variant is shown.

Getting the wallpapers

This set of wallpapers is now available for you to "build" with the "sources" here. You will need:

  • GNU Make, so you can actually start building it.
  • Inkscape, for generating PNG products from SVG "sources".

Simply make and make install and you are good to go.