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A Re-cap: Our 3rd AOSCC

So here's a (very) late recap on the 3rd AOSCC (AOSC Conference) held in Shanghai, on July 16-18. Several first's were achieved this year:

  • This is the first time that our annual get-together was sponsored by a University student organization - the Geek Pie Association.
  • We have got more than 35 attendees having fun these three days, a ~40% boost from last year's record (just to see how small of a conference it was).
  • We have (finally) got a successful workshop session on the third day.

Several community matters were determined for the coming year:

  • AOSCC 2017 will be held in the summer in Guangzhou, China.
  • The next Core release, Core 4 series, will be codenamed "Duang-Duang".
  • A PowerPC and PowerPC64 (PPC64) port will be available as part of the Core 4 update.
  • A default wallpaper is chosen for AOSC OS, it will be presented in a later news post.

Photographs and blog posts

Friends of our community have kindly taken some nice photographs during AOSCC, and they are listed below:

See you next year?

More details about AOSCC 2017 will be posted later this year, and hopefully we will see you again in Guangzhou (good luck staying cool in the summer)!